"...een sterke live band die barst van energie en goeie vibes. Een optreden dat in mijn top staat..."

- De Blauwe maan


After many years of war, mankind lost the way to party.
Decades went by with nothing but the sound of the wind. To party had become a myth, no one knew what it was or were it came from.

But somewhere on a desolated island, this old myth was kept alive. There, 3 guys and 1 girl were born and raised with one mission, to break this myth and re-install an ancient culture, Party!

So be prepared! 

You will shake your legs, wiggle your ass, stomp your feet, clap your hands, sweat, scream and shout! Now that’s what a party is all about.

And now, are you ready, ladies and gentlemen?

I'll give you Dhont & the Hitmen!

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